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Title Anna Eleanor Roosevelt
Collection First Lady Dolls
Catalog Number 2015.017.035
Description Anna Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962)
Wife of Franklin D. Roosevelt - served as First Lady from 1933-1945.

Eleanor was 5' 11" tall, had dark blonde hair and blue eyes. Among those First Ladies whose physical height is known, Eleanor Roosevelt and Michelle Obama are believed to be the tallest, both being five feet, eleven inches tall.
Her father was the brother of President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt. Eleanor and Franklin Delano Roosevelt ("FDR") were fifth cousins, once removed.
She was 20 years old when she married Franklin Delano Roosevelt on March 17, 1905.
When FDR contracted infantile paralysis in 1921, Eleanor took charge of his initial medical care and encouraged his effort to seek various treatments though she was honest in disagreeing with his belief that he would eventually regain mobility. She did, however, support his intentions to someday return to national politics.
Anna Eleanor Roosevelt became First Lady at the age of 48. No presidential wife served as First Lady for a period longer than did Eleanor Roosevelt; twelve years, one month, one week and one day. No First Lady served through two nationally traumatic events such as did Eleanor, presiding at the White House during the Great Depression and World War II. Also unique to her tenure was the fact that the President was physically limited by his then ridden condition of polio.
Perhaps there was no more important decision among her initial deeds as a First Lady than her decision to continue her work as a writer, public speaker and media figure. She held press conferences; was a monthly magazine columnist; had a newspaper column; delivered 12 radio news commentaries between 1932 and 1935; lastly, she was an author. The book which she was most widely associated with as First Lady was her autobiography, "This Is My Story" (1937).
She became one of the world's most admired women. She was a very intelligent woman. Although she was the object of much ridicule, she was loved by America. She changed the image of the pampered role usually played by First Ladies. She ran the White House elevator herself, drove her own car, took trains and flew on commercial air flights. No chauffeur or secret agents for her. As for her personal appearance, she was as comfortable appearing in public wearing a hairnet and riding pants as she was in new and expensive gowns.
Franklin D. Roosevelt died suddenly of a cerebral hemorrhage on April 12, 1945. In her immediate years of widowhood, Eleanor Roosevelt was on hand to welcome world leaders who came to pay their respects at the burial place of the late president.
Anna Eleanor Roosevelt died November 7, 1962 at the of 78 years and 27 days.
Event Bicentennial First Lady Doll Exhibit - Community Project
Creator Park, Phyllis Juhlin
Costume Costume by Maryetta Preece Wardle
Given Given by the Ashton Family in honor of Eva Stewart Ashton
Source Uintah County Library