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Title Grace Anna Goodhue Coolidge
Collection First Lady Dolls
Catalog Number 2015.017.033
Description Grace Anna Goodhue Coolidge (1879-1957)
Wife of Calvin Coolidge - served as First Lady from 1923-1929.

Grace Anna Goodhue was the only child born to Captain Andrew Isaachar Goodhue and Lemira Barrett. She was the third of five First Ladies who were born as only children.
Grace Goodhue met Calvin Coolidge in 1903, during her second year of working as a teacher. Coolidge was a recently-established attorney and serving as Northampton's Republican Committee chairman. Their first date was to a Republican rally at Northampton City Hall. She was 26 years old when she married Calvin John Coolidge on October 4, 1905. After their wedding ceremony, the Coolidges took a one-week honeymoon to Montreal, Canada before settling in a rented home in Northampton.
Grace Coolidge was abruptly thrust from a private life to a public one during her two and half years as the Vice President's wife (march 4, 1921 - August 3 1923). During the Vice Presidential years, her husband came to quickly value her sociability as a political asset.
In the days following the death and burial of President Harding, Grace Coolidge showed particular sensitivity toward the suddenly-widowed Florence Harding, assuring her that she should consider remaining in the White House for as long a period as she wished.
Grace Coolidge was 44 years old when she became First Lady, and although she was not particularly a student of history, she was among the earliest First Ladies to have a grasp on the evolution of her unique roll within the American popular culture, especially in terms of how it limited her own activities. She wrote, "There was a sense of detachment - this was I and yet not I, this was the wife of the President of the United States and she took precedence over me; my personal likes and dislikes must be subordinated to the consideration of those things which were required of her."
Interestingly, Calvin Coolidge appears to have been the first U.S. President to write about the role of First Lady: "The public little understands the very exacting duties that she must perform, and the restrictive life that she must lead."
Grace recognized the value of treating her husband in his public context, addressing him as "Mr. President" when others were in their presence.
Her affection for animals of all types was pronounced, even unusual. She discovered a family of mice in their suite: rather than seeing them as unsanitary vermin she regarded the small rodents as a family unit, based on her observations, and interacted with them gently.
Grace Coolidge enjoyed vigorous physical exercise, largely through rapid walking all over Washington, hiking arduous terrain in more remote regions of the country and swimming.
Grace Anna Goodhue Coolidge died on July 8, 1957 at the age of 78.
Event Bicentennial First Lady Doll Exhibit - Community Project
Creator Park, Phyllis Juhlin
Costume Costume by Ruth Perkins Haslem
Given Given by the Cowbelles
Source Uintah County Library